The human spinal column houses the nervous system, controlling every single cell in our bodies.

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Here, you will find lots of information regarding chiropractic and acupuncture. Both types of alternative medicines are effective at healing and promoting health. Many of us hate the side effects of western medicine. Chiropractic and acupucture can treat many illnesses without the use of drugs or surgery. Side effects are minimal, and results are long lasting.

Many people feel that being healthy = no pain. Pain (or the lack thereof) is a horrible indicator of damage in our bodies. There are many destructive diseases which, at first, present no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Pain is usually the very last thing to show up. By the time you feel pain, there is already a lot of damage whether its visible to the naked eye or internally pinching, compressing, or stretching an organ or structure. Usually, this illness has been around accumulating slowly and quietly until it irritates your nerves enough to register pain in your brain.

Is it not better to maintain health instead of waiting for pain to arrive? 100% YES. How "healthy" you are really depends on the ability of your body to adjust and adapt to our ever-changing, hectic, and sometimes toxic environment. Being healthy is your body's ability to maintain homeostasis (i.e., a stable but dynamic environment where all organ systems in the body are functioning optimally and cohesively) in a room of coughing people, or after walking for five hours straight, or in a cold, damp basement.


The Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. The Yin & Yang symbol represent balance and harmony.