Everyone should stretch -- from the young to the old. Stretching maintains flexibility and health of the muscle and surrounding structures. You can stretch just about anywhere and anytime: while sitting at work, while on the bus, while watching TV, just about anywhere. Done properly and consistently, your muscles will be able to adapt to many situations.

Stretching helps by:

  • Decreasing muscle tension and rigidity
  • Increasing muscle flexibility and range of movement
  • Preventing injury to muscle and surrounding structures
  • Relaxing muscle and feeling good

Important notes before stretching:
  • Make sure that you are healthy enough and strong enough to stretch
  • Understand the instructions for each stretch before attempting
  • Stretch in a comfortable and well-lit environment
  • Use some moist heat (e.g., heating pad, hot shower) on the target muscles beforehand to relax the muscles first
  • Always stretch slowly and release slowly -- DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!!!

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